As someone who seems to struggle with much in regard to art, I wanted to at least get some of my thoughts and struggles out into the open, for the possibility that I’m not the only one with this ridiculous internal dialog. Throughout the past several years, post BFA, I have certainly spent too many hours scouring the internet and books for answers to some of my curiosities. These efforts did not yield much of the information I was in search for. On the other hand, this is part of the practice in which you must find most of the information or “answers” on your own.

Majority of my ramblings will be around photography, but there will undoubtedly be additional posts around other mediums and work.  Much of this will probably be useless and never be read, but if in the off chance some of my thoughts may resonate with someone, it’s worth it on some level.

Lastly, in no way am I trying to pose my thoughts on these posts as facts. If anything, it serves as an open notebook of my work, my failures, my thoughts, and my struggles.

This could easily be another one of my failed attempts at doing something, but at least it’s an attempt.

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